USR-W600 RS232/485 to WiFi Converter

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USR-W600 is a low-cost serial RS232 RS485 to WiFi converter.

  • Work voltage: DC 5~36V
  • Alternative Ports: RS232 or RS485
  • 3 STA connections are allowed

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Model: USR-W600


USR-W600 is a Low-cost RS232/RS485 Serial to WiFi converter. This product provides stable wireless data transmission in the industrial field where needs wireless connection.

industrial WiFi Serial Server, network protocols: TCP/UDP/HTTP


1.Working voltage: DC 5~36V.

2.RS232/RS485 to WiFi; RS232 RS485 serial ports can’t be worked at one time.

3.Work Mode: TCP Client/Server, UDP Client/Server, HTTPD client.

Product Detail

Product details of RS232 RS485 to WiFi Converter

Function Structure

function structure of RS232 RS485 to WiFi Converter

Electrostatic Protection ESD

RS232 RS485 to WiFi Converter has passed ESD test


RS232 RS485 to WiFi Converter with watchdog function

Work Mode

Transparent transmission mode

In this mode, all data that needs to send and receive is not parsed between the serial port and the wifi interface. It minimizes the complexity of user usage.

work mode of RS232 RS485 to WiFi Converter

AT Command mode

In this mode, the user can query and set the UART and network parameters via AT command.

AT Command mode of RS232 RS485 to WiFi Converter

HTTP Client mode

Serial data will be submitted to the web server via Http (GET / POST).

HTTP Client mode of RS232 RS485 to WiFi Converter

Special Features

Heartbeat package mechanism

The network heartbeat packet notifies the server that it is in an active state,and it maintains the normal connection with the server by continuously sending the heartbeat packet.
Serial port heartbeat packet notifies the serial device that it is in an active state, and takes the initiative to crawl the sensor data which can not the initiative to push.

special features of RS232 RS485 to WiFi Converter:Heartbeat package mechanism

Register package mechanism

Server as a TCP Client and UDP Client, when the the link is established, it sends a predetermined registration package as logo automatically.
Registration package data can be MAC address,or custom registration data.

RS232 RS485 to WiFi Converter,Register package mechanism

Network Functions

AP mode

Without any configuration of mobile devices such as computers or mobile phones, it accesses to the WIFI module for data transmission quickly, the devices are up to 3.

network functions-AP mode, RS232 RS485 to WiFi Converter

STA mode

AP+ To achieve long-range or LAN equipment communications via access to router.

STA Moda,ap+ to achieve long-range or lan equipment communications, RS232 RS485 to WiFi Converter


AP + STA  mode

It can realize the local equipment LAN communication, and it supports remote device WAN communication,  the STA devices are up to 3.

RS232 RS485 to WiFi Converter which can realize the local equipment LAN communication


Electricity field

1.To realize the control center data real-time transmission.

2.Low support for 485 communication, to improve anti-jamming and isolation.

3.High cost-effective, large-scale application can reduce the overall project costs.

Electricity field-applications, RS232 RS485 to WiFi Converter

Agricultural field

1.Monitoring the situation in the greenhouse,such as utilization rate about water resources, fertilizers and so on.

2.To obtain farmland information and monitor sudden natural disasters, then to carry out standardized control measures.

3.Fully automated operation without human intervention, saving manpower and achieving the precise control of agriculture.

application of RS232 RS485 to WiFi Converter: Agricultural field

Wireless meter reading

1.Supports SSL, HTTPS function, to make data transsfer more secturity.

2.Remote monitoring meter reading data, saving manpower and resources, and to facilitate the sudden response measures.

3.To collect data  quickly in the monitoring and management platform, and to facilitate the city electricity management.

application of RS232 RS485 to WiFi Converter: Wireless meter reading

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